Monday, February 16, 2009

2 years old

Seriously he's 2 already!?!?!

This weekend we celebrated Micah's 2nd birthday. By the time we got to Sunday, his actual birthday, we were so exhausted the only celebration he got was not taking a nap because his Nana and Poppy were coming to see him.

On Saturday we had a party/gathering of friends and family to celebrate Micah. We had a great time but let me tell you that it is way different organizing something when you're pregnant. I wore out fast! Thankfully my parents, brother, sister, husband, and friends who came early helped finish it up before everyone else arrived. Our theme was The Big Road Race. It's a berenstain bear book that Micah absolutely loves! Zach used the cover of the book to make invitations and I bought one for all the kids who were going to attend as their favors. We also had 'race' dogs, mini hamburgers, nachos and the Piece de Resistance, the beautiful car cake created by my own two hands.

Though it was a little crowded I think a good time was had by everyone. The kids played outside on the slide and in Micah's tunnel fort. There was nothing left of the food except two small pieces of cake and a little cheese dip and there were new cars, puzzles, books, balls and a basketball goal by the end.
Thanks again everyone who was able to come and everyone who is such a special part of my son's life no matter if you were able to make it or not. We love each of you!


  1. We had a blast! Glad we could come and share in Micah's special day. Love ya'll.

  2. Looks like ya'll had a big crowd! You cake looks awesome! You should think about doing that for some extra money. Have a wonderful day!

    love, Melissa h

  3. Great party! We had a great time! Braden loves his new "car book". And he still thinks the green car is a tractor!

    Happy 2nd Birthday Micah!