Friday, February 13, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

Sunday is Micah's 2nd birthday and instead of getting him the traditional gift we decided to take him on a fun outing instead. There will be plenty of birthdays in the future where he will have specific things he wants so while he's still too young to be worried about a present we thought this would be a great and fun alternative.

This morning we headed to downtown Atlanta to the Georgia Aquarium. Zach and I had not been yet and we had been waiting to take Micah until he was old enough to enjoy it. He is definitely old enough! He had a blast!!! He talked all morning about how we were going to see the fish (he called everything fish at the very beginning!) Once we were there he was in heaven. Watching him glue himself to the different viewing windows was just too cute for words. He was enthralled every time something new swam by. Two of the sections had HUGE viewing windows/walls. The one in the Ocean Wonders exhibit was awesome. There were tons of different sharks, sting rays, fish, etc. We spent awhile just sitting and staring. We were trying to teach Micah the different names of everything and he did a pretty good job until we got to hammerhead shark, which he turned into hamburger shark! It was such a great day of quality time for our family of three (and a little bit).

It's amazing to me how much Micah has grown, especially in the last few months. The way he learns new words, enjoys new adventures, and relates to those things/people around him is amazing to me. I know there will be many times in the future where I won't think he's being 'so cute', but I am still so excited about watching him grow into the person God has created for him to be.


  1. Yay for the Georgia aquarium! I'm so glad you guys loved it...I already wish I could go back. I love Micah's look of awe in the pictures.

  2. i loved the pictures! He is so cute!!

    love, melissa h