Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daisy Mae (May)

Daisy is my adorable daughter. I got her as a puppy freshman year of college and she has been attached to me ever since. Zach even knew when we started dating that if he wanted to stick with me for life Daisy was right there next to me. We named her Daisy Mae before I even met Zach but now is affectionately known as Daisy Mae May!

Micah absolutely loves her! He loves giving her snacks, throwing her ball and various toys for her, and of course loves to CLIMB all over her! Thankfully she is patient and just puts up with him. Zach took some great pictures of Micah and Daisy playing outside so I thought I'd let you see those plus a little bit of their past relationship!

March 2007

May 2007

December 2007

February 2008

October 2008

January 2009


  1. Daisy is smiling as much as Micah in the last pic! How cute!

  2. I love the last ones with Micah in orange.

  3. Aww...these pictures are adorable!!! Love them :)