Sunday, March 15, 2009

32 weeks and counting

We are 8 weeks away from baby boy #2 being born. I have not been so diligent keeping up with my belly shots this time. Mainly because I am too vain to have Zach take a picture of me when I'm not lookin' cute and since I run around with a 2 year old all day lookin' 'cute' is not always an option! I just got home from a baby shower and I was already dressed up so today was belly shot day.

So far so good. The baby is definitely moving ALOT and I still weight less than Zach! I have been feeling great and sleeping pretty well still. I went a little overboard yesterday cleaning the floors and pulled the few stomach muscles I have left, but hopefully they will recover quickly! We are also close to having a name for this little bundle which is always a positive thing :) The only thing I really need to do besides move Micah into a big boy bed is drag all my baby stuff down from the attic. However, that will be a last minute thing due to our housing questions. The excitement (and nervousness) is definitely growing around the May house!!


  1. sarah, i would appreciate no more shots of your bare stomach. If I'm not going to touch it then i do not want to look it:). I love you~Tim

  2. Haha!! Brothers are the best, aren't they?! :)

    You look so good, Sarah and I'm really proud of you, staying cool and collected with all that you're keeping up with - (painting your kitchen table and chairs, prepping for shower hosting, taking bare belly shots for posterity, much to your brother's dismay). ;) Whew! Put your feet up, Honey - you deserve it!!!

  3. YOu look fantastic! I can't wait to hear baby boy May's name and meet him. I hope he looks just like you and has dark curly hair.

  4. lookin' good!!! Thanks for the belly shots!!!