Wednesday, September 14, 2016

back to school

School has begun.  We are more than six weeks into the new school year and the routine has become, well, routine.  

As a fourth grader, Micah switches teacher for every subject which means his homeroom teacher isn't as big of a deal as the kids he has in class that will be following each other around.  He has three really great friends in his class this year so his smile is very real!

Connor didn't start out the year with any best buds in his class, but last year he met one of his best friends in his class and the same thing happened in Kindergarten so we are trusting that there is another fellow in Mrs. Bruns' second grade class that will become a bosom pal!

They are both rocking their grades this year and so far the only source of stress is the lack of sufficient recess time in fourth grade.  It's a bummer for sure, but i'll take it over what it could be!

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