Thursday, August 25, 2016

last days of summer

Our last couple weeks of summer were spent soaking up as much pool times as we could and knocking off as many things as possible from our Summer Fun list.  As much as I LOVE a routine and love for my house to have the occasional quiet moment, I was yet again not ready for summer to end.  Summer just seems to go faster and faster each year as our days become less about being in the trenches of that exhaustive early parenting and more about exhaustion that comes from enjoying and spending time in play and setting examples for our boys.

On the very last day of summer I let them each pick one special activity to do.  This year Connor chose to go to Game Time, Micah chose to eat Sushi for lunch, and we somehow convinced Logan to choose making a homemade slip and slide.  While the third thing on the list went nowhere close to how I envisioned it going, we had a great last day of summer and said a fond farewell until next year.


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