Wednesday, August 17, 2016

jekyll island: tidelands nature center and sharktooth island

Zach bought us new kayaks for our anniversary and really wanted to use them at the beach so he packed them on top of the van.  At the last minute he also threw in the boys' fishing poles.  All this means that because we had both things our boys assumed we were going to use them.  

We spent an afternoon at Tidelands Nare Center to do just that and ya'll it was HOT.  Like no breeze, no clouds, just straight July sun streaming down on you HOT!  Logan and I were in a kayak together.  Zach and Connor were in another and Micah was on his own.  As long as I was paddling we were good because we made our own breeze.  Poor Logan, who battled a fever the whole trip, was DONE after about 30 minutes.  He and I rowed back to shore leaving Zach, Micah and Connor fishing.

 Another part of the Tidelands Nature Center was animal exhibits in the blessed air conditioning!  Logi and I spent our waiting time checking out alligators, blow fish, sea turtles, hermit crabs and lots of turtles as well as sitting in the cool building and drinking lots of water!

After our kayaking and fishing adventure Logan announced that he did not want to be outside anymore that day.  That was fine with me because while he rested in the dark hotel room watching a movie I laid on my bed with a cup of tea and my book.  Sweet vacation!

In the meantime Zach, Micah and Connor drove back to the Nature Center and rode their bikes on a trail to Sharktooth Island where they spent an hour or so searching for shells and shark teeth.  They came back with some cool shells and a piece of petrified wood.  Very cool!

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