Friday, August 12, 2016

fourth of july

This was our second 4th of July in Oxford and it was even more fun that the first.  Mainly because we were able to watch the parade in the sunshine instead of a monsoon like last year.  The annual Oxford parade's route goes right in front of our house so we invited friends and neighbors to camp out in the front yard to watch.

We had one unfun moment when a friend of Connor's fell when climbing a tree.  While we knew he wasn't dangerously injured, his parents called an ambulance just in case under the suggestion of a neighbor friend who just happened to be a retired EMT.  Sweet Zach ended up having a broken collarbone and bounced back pretty quickly but bless all of our hearts for the fear we were each filling when we heard the tumble.

After the parade we had invited friends to spend the day swimming, playing yard games, and grilling out.  There ended up being a big crowd of 30+ folks and we all had a blast.  One dad taught the boys a game to play in the pool where you "hide" a toothpick on the bottom of the deep end and then wait for it to float up.  The first one to jump in and grab it from the surface gets to be the next hider.  They have played this game for hours since!

After a restful afternoon and lots of packing for our next day beach trip, we headed closer to The Square in Covington to watch the fireworks.  One of my favorite parts was seeing our main highway with parking lots filled with friends on blankets and chairs ready to watch plus the thousands crowded near the square the same way.  Seeing a community together in a shared experience gives a small town added charm.

God Bless America!

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