Wednesday, August 10, 2016

the reds

Micah collected another hat this season as he played for the Reds.  His goal is to never have to repeat a team so that he can get as many MLB hats as possible.  Such a boy!

Micah had his best season to date this year and we loved watching him which was awesome considering this was his first year in fully kid pitch baseball and he was one of the youngest on his team.  His team led by Coach Duane, Coach Donnie, and Coach Daddy, also only lost two games (which were flukes in my opionion) and left them second place in their division.

While we are still working on helping him not get super frustrated with himself if he makes a mistake or striking out, I was so impressed with his ability to fight hard at the plate.  He had one of the best batting averages on the team because he never gave up and wasn't about to watch a strike go by him.

He had to deal with a little disappointment at the end of the season when he wasn't selected for All Stars but I was more proud of how he handled himself then if he had even been on the team.  Love watching his talent AND character grow.

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