Wednesday, August 10, 2016

red sox

Right before summer started the boys finished up their second regular season at City Pond.  This year Connor was on the Red Sox with the same coaches as last year, Coach Duane, Coach Brian, and Coach Daddy or Coach Zach as the rest of the team has to call him.

Last year I think they won maybe three games, this year they only lost two!  Connor had a fantastic season, spending the games switching with his best buddy Zach on first base and second base.  By the end of the year the coach just let the two of them decide which innings they wanted to play which position because neither one of them wanted to give first base up completely.

This was Connor's last season in a completely coached pitched game.  Next year they will play half coach pitch and half kid pitch and he's already started practicing in the yard hoping to get his turn on the mound.

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