Saturday, August 13, 2016

jekyll island: the beach

The day after the 4th we packed up the car and headed to Jekyll Island for our summer vacation.  With all the other things going on this summer we could only get away for five days and they went by way too fast.

This was the first time any of us had ever been to Jekyll and we loved it.  It is a beautiful and quiet and non touristy island which is pretty perfect for us.  Our hotel had a board walk to the beach which we trekked down each morning laden down with all of our beach supplies.

Micah's favorite beach activity was taking the net into the waves and trying to catch sea creatures.  He caught tons of little shrimp and even got a small squid.

Connor's favorite was whatever got him the wettest and dirtiest.  He spent lots of time with Micah riding waves and even longer riding waves alone.  Other times he would just sit in the sand staring and contemplating while the water just rushed over him.

Logan went into the water with me several times but he preferred digging and building in the sand which is my favorite too so I didn't mind.

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