Saturday, September 13, 2008

consignment sales!

I love me some great deals! For the first time I put clothes and toys in a consignment sale and with the help of some extras from my sister I had enough to go to the preview sale. That's when you get to check out all the stuff before the public gets let in. The top priority was cars and lots of 'em!!! I grabbed every one I saw and shoved them in my bag without even looking. I found a race track which made such annoying noise the whole time I was shopping that I seriously almost ripped the batteries out right then and there. I also found some great clothes for the fall too. The best thing I got it all for $50!! YAY!!!

Next Saturday is the 1/2 off sale and I might just have to check it out again and see what I can find!

1 comment:

  1. Don't you love the preview sales? I didn't find very much stuff today but Brad was happy that I only spent $35. I can't wait until the preview sale for the Tykes, Tots & Teens sale! I'm actaully working on gathering some stuff for that sale right now!