Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed a family filled Labor Day this past weekend. After church Sunday Zach, Micah, Daisy and I drove to one of our favorite places on earth...AUBURN!

My family was getting together for the holiday on Monday because we haven't all been in the same place since March. We decided to go down a day earlier to spend some extra time with my sister, her husband and her little girl. We also wanted to walk around campus, buy new AU gear, and take some pictures. After hitting Tiger Rags and getting each of us a tshirt and Micah a new AU hat we walked in front of Samford Hall and took some family pics of Jen, Chris and Keelie and also some shots of Micah. All too cute! It's so nice to have a photographer in the family.

After the photo shoot we all ate at Niffers...YUM-O!!!!!! It is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Auburn.

On Monday my parents, Tim, David, Christina, Haley, Lucy (dog) and Bella (dog) came up to hang out for the day. We basically spent the day talking, eating, watching HGTV with a little bit of the weather channel thrown in, dodging dogs, and laughing at Micah, Haley, and Keelie. I of course forgot to get a group picture because I always my family isn't as camera happy as Zach's so you actually have to plan picture times! All in all it was a pretty relaxing, though not at all quiet, day.


  1. You definitely need to send the pic of Micah in that hat to AU....It would be great on the website!

  2. Thanks for entering the giveaway!

    Cute family even though they have the wrong colors on. :) Go Hogs!