Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Babies babies everywhere!

There are babies coming from everywhere! Besides me, of course, I know 10 girls having babies in the next 7 months with maybe a couple more added to the list soon ;) This weekend I got to attend/host showers for two of them.

Zach, Micah and I traveled to Statesboro, GA to visit his two sisters and their husband/fiance for his sister Jess's baby shower. She is having a little girl, Leah Grace, on or around November 5. We are really excited that Micah will have a cousin on that side of the family who is semi close in age. The shower was at 3 on saturday afternoon while the Auburn game started at 3:30. Thankfully my wonderful husband texted me the updates while I was hanging with the girls (not that they did that great of a job but that's a whole other post, atleast we won). It was a fun afternoon of hanging out and sharing stories of all the crazy times you have when there are kids involved. Hopefully we all didn't scare Jess too much!

After the LOOONNNNGGGG drive back Saturday night we had to get up bright and early Sunday to prepare for the surprise shower for Leslie and the soon to be here Cardoza baby. Throwing a surprise shower is so fun but it can stress you out. We definitely had some close calls but thankfull she was COMPLETELY surprised...yay!!! The theme for the shower was the pampered mommy and people brought gifts to either pamper the baby or Leslie herself. She got a great variety of her favorite things with some spa treatments to boot! Great job gift givers!! A special thanks to Stephanie, Mary, Magda, Gina, Bailey, Melissa and Krista for the great team effort!

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  1. you are such a good friend to coordinate this with steph all in an effort to make leslie feel really special. what more does a girl ever want, right!?!
    wish i could have been there.
    love you guys!!!