Thursday, October 9, 2008

firefighting ghost

EXHAUSTION! That is all I can say. This baby has wiped me out! That plus taking care of the other one. I admit I am pitiful when I don't feel good which definitely doesn't help matters alive. I will keep my complaining to a minimum though mainly because it sucks out my energy and it's not the right thing to do of course :)

Today, except for one minor incident, I have felt pretty good. Good enough to do all the laundry, clean a bathroom and make dinner. Wow what a feat...ha! I also got a super cute picture of Micah. He took the liner from his hamper out of the laundry basket while I was folding clothes and then hopped on his winnie the pooh fire truck. I was planning on making him a Charlie Brown costume for Halloween but maybe a firefighting ghost is the way to go!


  1. Sorry you're feeling "icky"(as Braden would say). I was hoping that you would be feeling better this time around....especially since you have someone else to take care of other than yourself. Just keep thinking about how adorable this new baby May will be & how much better you will be feeling in a month or so! Love ya!

  2. I love the pic of Micah! How precious!! I am sorry your not feeling well. I definitely understand! Let me know if I can do anything to help! See you on Sunday!!

    Meliss Heskett