Monday, October 20, 2008

playing hooky

well sorta. Zach has the day off today (yay!) because he had to work a ridiculous amount the weekend my sister was here. We have taken full advantage of the day so far.

We started with a healthy breakfast at Waffle House...yum! Micah ATE UP some scrambled eggs and hash browns. He also managed to take everything off the table and put it on the seat next to him. Then we came back and did a quick house clean up and packed a lunch for the park.

We went to Turner Lake Park for the first time. I don't know how we have lived here for 4 years and not known there was a park/lake/playground/walking trail not 10 minutes from us. Micah and Daisy had a blast walking in the woods and feeding the ducks by the lake...well Daisy just watched while wishing she could jump in the water and chase them. We played for a long time on the playground and Micah went down the big twisty slide all by himself. He's so big.

We didn't bring our camera so I don't have any pictures to share, but I have to admit it was very nice to just relax and enjoy the day instead of thinking 'did I get a picture of that yet?' or saying "Micah please be still for one second and smile!"'s nap time at the 'ol May house...nighty night!

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  1. As long as I have lived in Newton County I have never been to Turner Lake either. I think that Brad has been before, but just to play basketball. We should meet and take the boys one day. It would be a nice meeting location!