Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Weather

Love it love it love it! It has been so wonderfully cool and crisp outside this week. I am not really a big fan of hot weather (not that many people are) mainly because I am a giant wuss and after about 5 minutes outside I'm hot, woozy, and feel faint. Pathetic yes :) and sad for Micah because it's hard to sit outside and let him play when I'm just not feeling it. However this wonderful weathered week has allowed us to stay outside for awhile and play. His big thing now is pushing wagon and mower down the hill in the back and watching it crash into the fence. He then scurries down to rescue it and push it back up the hill. Here are some super cute shots Zach got the other day of our outside play!

Stud Picture

Cheesy picture!


  1. Very cute! I'm glad the weather has been cool for you. It's no fun being pregnant when it is hot as you already know!