Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Watch this first (nbc wouldn't let it be embedded on the actual blog)

Zach emailed me this you tube clip this morning. It's seriously funny, but it seriously made me think. Why are we/me SO quick to look down on EVERYTHING. I catch myself getting irritated at the dumbest things like my dryer that stays on with the help of a mountain dew can, stop lights that last too long, little boys who dump out an entire basket of toys instead of taking something out one at a time. In the scheme of things who really cares about any of these. I don't have to hang all my clothes outside, I am able to drive, and I have precious boys who love me. There are a thousand other examples I could list but I won't bore you too much. The point is I'm going to try and stop. Things are NEVER as bad as they seem and GOD is BIGGER than everything. He created us to grow and learn and create and with that comes amazing invention, but if we aren't promised tomorrow we surely won't be promised that our internet will always be working, flights won't be delayed, and repair men will show up on time. Now there are times to be upset, discouraged even, but think before you react. Even in those circumstances that aren't just trivial but are real life problems/tragedies we can find blessings. So I'm starting now. I will probably fail numerous times but know that I will get better with practice :)

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  1. Sanctification is always a challenge, but oh so rewarding! And the youtube clip was brilliant! Thanks.