Monday, July 20, 2009

sunday smiles

Connor blessed me with the FABULOUS smiles on the way to church yesterday. What is it about kids that makes you want to become a cannibal. Seriously he is just so cute I could EAT him up!


  1. I think he looks more like you than Micah does! I know I have seen that face before!

  2. He was so happy to see his mommy. Love it!!!

  3. What a cutie!

    Hi there, I was looking over some of my old blog entries and saw that you had asked a question back in April about my Ikea rolling storage containers that I decoupaged. Sorry I never got back with you! I hope you were able to find them. They are in the office section on the bottom floor. They come unassembled and are unfinished wood.

    Thanks for your comment! Your blog is very cute!


  4. Connor is so handsome! Aren't hose beautiful smiles so rewarding. They make those hard nights completely worth it!