Monday, September 14, 2009

hobby lobby and hot glue

I wanted to do some fall decorating in the house this weekend, but when I opened my box of fall decorations I found a wreath and a bunch of pine cones. I remembered having more than that, but maybe I just imagined it all. Zach took pity on me and sent me to hobby lobby! yay!! How anyone can pay full price on anything in that store i'll never know because eventually EVERYTHING goes on sale! I found some little things to put together to make bigger things. In my head it looked fantastic and I was happy that in the house it looked just as good (to me anyway). Yay for decorations that can stay up for 3 months, now bring on those buyers!


  1. very pretty! we need ideas for our mantle...the window looks great!

  2. Looks great!! I love fall decorations!

  3. Decorating will be the first thing I do when I get back from LA. :)