Saturday, April 15, 2017

4th grade field trip

In February--yes I know I'm super behind on this blog--I was able to go to the Georgia Aquarium with Micah on his school fieldtrip.  Going on fieldtrips is one thing I dreamed about, literally, when I had my babies.  I love making memories with them by going on these adventures.  Yes we go to the same places on our own as a family but seeing them relate to their friends in these environments is a totally different experience.

The Georgia Aquarium is a fun one just because there are so many creatures you would never have the chance to see and you can see them SO UP CLOSE!  Watching 4th grade boys who at times try to act super cool revert back to being little kids as they watch tiny fish and GIANT whales swim by is such a fun thing to see, even better than the fish themselves.  

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