Wednesday, October 18, 2017

solar eclipse

We played hooky on August 21, 2017, otherwise known as Solar Eclipse Day.  There was a great desire to drive to the path of totality so we were up early and headed out to Toccoa, GA to experience it all together.  It was the best!  

Sitting on the square in Toccoa after a fun morning of picnicking, antiquing, ice cream eating, frisbee throwing, and looking at the sun through our glasses every two minutes it was such a cool moment to cheer with the other thousands around as the sun was completely covered and we could see a beautiful 360 degree sunset or sunrise view.  

It didn't get completely dark where we were, one child had a meltdown during the brief two minutes which resulted in me only seeing about 60 seconds of it, but honestly it was all still magical as we witnessed this moment of creativity by our most creative Heavenly Father.  

The next Eclipse is already on our calendar and will most definitely be driving wherever we need to to experience it again with our then teenage sons.

I highly recommend you trying to do the same.  It is definitely worth the effort!

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