Monday, January 15, 2018

fall break: hamilton park and nyc

During our week long Fall Break we took a trip northeast, very northeast, to visit some friends who moved to New Hampshire not too long ago.  In the mind of Zach May, one can not drive past all the things we were going to be driving past and not stop at all of them.  Thankfully we pared it down by a bit so that there was time to sleep as well ;-)

Getting started...


Day 2 after a night in a terrible, smoky hotel room.

We chose to do all of our stopping on the way back home so on the way up we only had pit stops, except for one specific place that we have all come to know about through music...Hamilton Park.

Standing across the Hudson, above the assumed dueling grounds, the boys got their first view of the New York City skyline.  Though NYC was not on our list of official stops, we did drive through the tunnel and let the boys hang their heads outside as we drove through Manhattan.  One day boys, I promise we'll go back!

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