Monday, October 1, 2012

first campout

Zach along with his parents (nana and poppy) took Micah and Connor on their first camping trip.  Part of me was sad to miss it but another part was super excited about having one kid and a quieter day and evening ;)  Zach and I were not sure how the evening would go for them.  We do not have the bravest bananas in the bunch when it comes to darkness so the whole sleeping outside without the nightlight and comforts of home made us both a little nervous but he went into it knowing there was a chance he'd be packing it all in at midnight and driving back to his parents house.  However they LOVED it!

First they drove to the campsite and put up the tent or made camp or whatever you call that process.  There was a walnut tree next to them.  The walnuts are apparently inside these apple like things which was kind of crazy.  I wish they would have brought one home for me to see.  Anyway the little campers had fun throwing them in the river for a while.

Next they headed to Amicalola State Park to hike and see the falls.  Zach got some awesome video of Connor talking about hitting any sharks they saw with his walking stick.  I swear that boy is a N.U.T!

Back at camp they "fished" for a little bit which I heard was maybe 10 minutes.  Of course there was only about 6 inches of water in the river and no fish so it wouldn't have been fun for me either :)

According to Micah since they didn't catch any fish they just ate hotdogs.  These two love building fires which they get honestly from their daddy and my daddy.  The next hours were spent building the fire, poking the fire, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire and staring at the fire while Nana and Poppy told them two stories, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rumpelstiltskin.

Bedtime went great since they were both so exhausted and when I asked them the next morning if they liked sleeping in the tent I got an OH yeeeeaaaaahhhh from Micah.  The adults didn't fare so well at night though.  It started raining at some point and the ground was really hard and apparently the walnuts would fall out of the trees randomly and two of them hit right on Zach's part of the tent and subsequently hit him in the head.  Good times ;)

I am thrilled that they loved it.  While camping is not my favorite thing I will be making an exception quite regularly in our future to hang out with my little campers.  Can't wait for Logi Bear to join the trip!

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  1. So fun!!! I'm so glad they loved it! also, I really want to see that video of Connor.