Friday, March 28, 2014

playing ball

We are two weeks into baseball season and the May family has been busy busy. 

 Micah is playing in the 7/8 year old league on the Blue Jays this year and Connor is in t ball on the Angels and they are absolutely loving it.  Like seriously loving it.  And I am loving watching them.  

Honestly one of my favorite things about being a mama is just the watching.  I mean I love playing with them and teaching them things and doing things alongside them but when you get the chance to just watch, to stand on the side and look, you see how much they have learned and how they have grown and who they are when they are living their little life.  I know it's not all sunshine and roses.  When you stand back and look you can see the difficult stuff and the sin that overshadows everything but you also see those glimpses of what you have taught them and those glimpses of what they have figured out on their own and it makes your heart burst with pride and, in my case, it makes you tear up.

So yes on Connor's first game when I saw him run to first and get his glove ready to "catch" the ball there were tears welling in my eyes because I know he's bigger and he's learning and as I watch he has thoughts running through his head reminding him of everything he's supposed to know.  And yes when Micah walked into the dugout on his own and unpacked his stuff and joked around with his friends and ran onto the field ready to play with that seriously legit ballplayer look on his face I teared up because he knows what's going on, he's becoming aware of how to be on a team and he's ready to work hard at something he loves.

I love my sweet ball players.

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