Thursday, March 6, 2014

things they say

One day I was at Leslie's and noticed a jar on her counter full of index cards.  She said that she had started keeping track of all the funny things and mess ups that her kids say which I found brilliant because I could not stop laughing while looking through them and know that my boys said the same kinds of things.  

Zach put a cool note taker app on my phone so I've been keeping up with most of the funny/interesting/ridiculous things that come out of our blonde boys' mouths.

M:  I didn't eat my clementine because I already had a fruit in my lunch... cheese.   Well it's not a fruit but it was healthy so I didn't need another healthy thing.

C:  This spaghetti is good.   Ha ha I mean pasketti.  (When he thought seriously thought spaghetti was wrong)

L:  while playing spy with Connor,  Logan ran in the room and yelled "mama I sneak on you" which made his big brother not so happy.

L: "puppy" jacket is his puffy jacket

M:  Micah and I had a very hilarious "Who's On First" type of conversation when I told him we were watching Beethoven for movie night.  It had me in tears!  I don't want to type out the whole thing but at one point during it he said "I just don't want to watch a movie about a dog that writes music"

L:  me- sorry Charlie 
     logan- I not Charlie I logi bear

M: praying.   Dear Lord Thank you that the seahawks won.  Help the broncos to not be sad.

C: mama tell me all the reason that you love me. After I gave him a list of lots of different things I can think of he said I can't tell you all the things I love about you because I would have to talk all day and all night and all day and all night and all day and all night.

M: "mama pretend you're a boy?"   Then he proceeded to ask me a baseball question.

C: Sin is fun.   Daddy said**.  But you know what's really bad?  Telling god no.  I'll never say that cause I love       God but you know who doesn't love God?   Cheetahs.

       **To clarify, Zach didn't exactly say sin was fun.  During one of their devotionals Micah asked why people would sin and he was explaining that sometimes sin can be something that seems fun.  His example was them playing outside and then one of us coming to tell them it's time to come inside but instead of listening you keep playing because it is fun.

C:  When Daisy dies can we get a dog that runs around and does stuff?

L:  While spotting a hold in his khakis he said "my pants broke"

L:  let's play Oh spot (I spy)

L: (while watching a pig on Curious George) mama I don't eat mud, I eat popcorns.

M: If a baby drove a car it would not do a good job

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