Monday, June 13, 2016

adventures in athens

The boys and I had an absolutely fantastic in Athens last week and it was all FREE!!

We started out at the Bear Hollow Zoo where we saw otters, deer, turkeys, a bald eagle, several owls, a cute white possum and of course bears.  The bears were fluffy and adorable and I wanted to give them a hug but I didn't because that would be super dangerous.

After a picnic lunch we played at Memorial Park for a little bit but the playground was insanely hot so we walked around the lake and saw some pretty ducks and huge turtles!

After the zoo we headed to the Botanical Gardens.  I love that they love trying new things and appreciating nature.  The coolest part, besides me letting them run through the sprinklers when they were watering the gardens, was seeing a cocoa tree, coffee tree and growing pineapple.  They were captivated the whole time and I got another day full of memories with my fellas.

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