Monday, November 10, 2008


I have been wanting to blog this picture for a couple weeks but kept forgetting about it. A few weekends ago Micah and I went down to Enterprise to visit my family and I was helping host a baby shower for one of my best friends since 2nd grade!

We had an absolutely fabulous weekend!!! Micah went to the high school football game with my parents and had a ball eating boiled peanuts, watching the band, and screaming "A-ball YAY!" The next day we went to a fall festival with my brother David, his wife Christina, and my niece Haley. Which was also fun, especially the tractor parade which they both enjoyed immensely.

Sunday night we went over to David's to play on Haley's swingset and she so generously gave Micah a spin in her new Mustang Convertible she got for her birthday. He LOVED it! She drove and he worked the radio while they did their best to run us all over. I'm so glad that Micah will have cousins his age to play with from now til forever!


  1. Do you notice how innocent he looks compared to the driver? I don't want to fast forward 14 years!

  2. How cute! Stylin' in the Barbie convertible! I love that Hayley was trying to run everyone over!