Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

So the big bummer is we did not get good Halloween pictures. Somehow we lost our minds and forgot to take one of Micah and his whole costume...not quite sure how that happened. Maybe I can blame this on pregnancy too!! I'm hoping Leslie or Stephanie got a good one of him that I can add later.

Even though you can't see it very well Micah was super cute as Charlie Brown. He got to wear his costume to 3 different events. Last Monday was the Annual Younglife Llama-ween but it was SOOOOOO cold that he had a big puffy coat and hat on over his costume. However his hat had llamas on it so at least he matched the theme. He hung out with Zach there for a while in the cold while his chicken of a mother sat with Matt, Leslie, Isabella and William in their warm van watching the festivities through the window!

Micah with Zach (as Dwight)

Thursday his class at CMC had dress up day so off Charlie went again holding his snoopy stuffed animal as tight as he could.

Friday night, actual Halloween, we had some friends over for a low key Halloween party. We passed out candy to the trick or treaters, ate yummy soups and cupcakes and played some games. It was a fun night!! Micah has yet to go trick or treating, mainly because I'm a mean mama and am not going to let him eat the candy, but maybe next year we'll start adding that to the plans!

Charlie and Little Red Riding Hood getting ready for dinner

Devouring dessert

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  1. I love the pics! Sorry we couldn't make it. We had friends come visit and stay for a little bit of halloween while I passed out candy to our huge crowd of kids.

    Love, Melissa