Monday, December 8, 2008

Grinch and Scrooge Update

Hello all! Thanks for your comments/opinions on the Grinch and Scrooge issue. I'm going to share with you my opinion real quick and then link you to the original question and answers.

Overall I have to go with Scrooge as being the meaner one. Scrooge lived day to day life surrounded by other people and made an active decision each day to be as unloving as possible.

However my biggest sympathy goes to the Grinch. Now I'm talking cartoon/book Grinch not Jim Carrey Grinch. That poor green man lived his entire life up on a hill judging people not realizing that he was the one being hurt the most. They paid him no mind even when he stole everything he thought was precious to them.

The big winners in both stories here are the Cratchitts and the Whoos though. Wow what an amazing example of unconditional love and grace. Even after Scrooge screws him out of a good salary forcing him to live in poverty and for one child to remain lame he thanks him at their Christmas dinner and continues to wish him well. and the Whoos (cartoon whoos not stupid spend tons of money on crap whoos) knew that presents were not what Christmas was all about.

The 'semi'- official results!!

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