Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who's Worse...

Scrooge or The Grinch?

I heard a very interesting discussion on the radio today. Apparently someone did a study by asking 3 different people, a judge, a minister and a cop, who was worse Scrooge or The Grinch. Each man was required to look at the lives of these two characters and decide who was worse or 'more' wrong in how they lived. Then after deciding they were then to tell whose redemption at the end of the story was bigger.

I would love to hear your opinion on the matter and then I will update the post and tell you what the results were found.


  1. worse? i would say maybe....grinch, and i honestly cant pin point why. scrooge was just grumpy, and it ended up screwing with that guy who worked for him...the grinch just wanted to ruin an whole towns christmas-he stole-and was purposefully mean to others. scrooge wasnt chipper, with a bah humbug here and there...but never actively tried to ruin a whole towns christmas

    bigger redemption? the grinch as well...his was self initiated...he came to means by true emotion, he was moved by the 'spirit' and his heart grew 3 sizes (or something like that)....scrooge needed some enchanted ghost and spirts and voodoo to come to means--he probably wouldnt have without them.


  2. Adam, I'll go the opposite just for the fun of it.

    Scrooge was worse, because he didn't even realize he had a problem. He was being "himself" and unknowingly (and not caring either) made others miserable. The Grinch knew exactly what he was doing and did it for fun, which could be seen as worse, but scrooge's problems ran deeper :)

    Bigger redemption: I'll go with scrooge because it took the "spirits" to show him what a bad person he was. True, he wouldn't have changed without that happening...He had to go back to his past and see himself through someone else's eyes to see how horrible he was. Then once he saw that and changed, he was able to help the people in the town with his goodness (and $$).

    The Grinch definitely had a change of heart, but the 'reward' might not have been as great.

    That's my psychoanalysis ;)

  3. Scrooge was worse b/c he was a real person. The Grinch was a cartoon character. Bob Cratchett was severely impacted by this man and Tiny Tim needed help. All the Grinch did was "steal" Christmas while "Whoo's" were sleeping so they really don't even know what happened.

  4. Hey! I heard that too on the fish! I believe I would go with the worst is the grinch and the most redeemed is scrooge. I can't remember which one said it and the explaination.

    Melissa Heskett

  5. Of the two I've always thought of Scrooge as being the worst. I mean, is it really necessary to be that mean and grumpy? He made life miserable for Bob Cratchett and didn't care. I think he had some seriously deep issues. His father must not have told Scrooge he loved him.

    As for the Grinch, I think he just didn't know what a good thing he was missing. It didn't take anything but a little singing and determination on the part of the Who's (if I remember correctly) to make his heart grow.

    As far as the bigger redemption, who can say? I guess Scrooge since he is the most screwed up, but does that really matter? I think in the end we're all as screwed up as the next person whether we want to believe it or not.

  6. Ok...Scrooge was not saved and consequently couldn't be "expected" to behave in a Godly manner. The Grinch is not a man, and behaved like a "grinch" should behave. So both were rotten, but sadly, Scrooge had been exposed to grace and still chose to be rotten. So he is the rottener...What theology! Again, both are redeemed from their plight. And again, man is changed and the Grinch is trained by his experience. So I have to go with Scrooge as being the bigger redemption. And, it all comes down to "man" being redeemed, not grinches, by the grace of God...Don't we love Reformed theology!

  7. lonesome dove over hear...i guess that why i'm 'emergent' :D

    and sarah...you got SIX post...more then the five you thought read it...yeah...

    question is...what does sarah think?