Friday, January 30, 2009

hoping and cleaning

**UPDATE...We're officially on the market!**$PUB/72/WHITEJOSH/pub/pub_132118292.htm

and cleaning and hoping!

We have started the tedious process of cleaning/fixing/straitening/organizing our house from top to bottom in hopes that someone will walk and immediately know this is the house they want to live in. Yeppers...we're putting it on the market. I know this is not a great time to sell a house, but we need to try nonetheless.

Baby May #2 is due in a little over three months and we will be busting at the seams in this little home. In has been a great first house for our family but there's always a time to move on (not too far though...yet). It will officially be for sale today as our friend and Realtor is coming over to do the paperwork. We are well aware that this could be a long process, but we are trusting in God's timing and the fact that it is ALWAYS perfect. If you would please keep us in the back of your mind's somewhere praying that we don't get stressed out but instead remain faithful we would appreciate it!


  1. I am praying for you guys. I know how selling a house can be...and I can't imagine doing it with a 2 yr old and a baby on the way. But you are right- God's timing is perfect and he will take care of you all!

  2. Definitely praying - you inspire me, Wonder Woman!! :)

  3. Sarah,
    You'll find a buyer! I'll be thinking and praying for your whole fam! :)