Wednesday, April 8, 2009

chateau elan

Yay for husbands who plan amazing relaxing surprise evenings! This past Friday he planned an overnight at Chateau Elan. It is a french (of course) inspired hotel with a winery, racetrack, SPA!!, and yummy restaurants. We met Zach's mom off an exit on 985 to drop off our children Micah and Daisy and then he told me where we were going. I had mentioned this place before and was hoping hoping hoping it was where we were going but didn't want to spoil the surprise or get my hopes up so I hoped internally.

When we got there we checked into our beautiful room with the nice big king sized bed and then I got to go to the spa and get an hour long massage....awwwwww!!!! Stress just melted and I was very relaxed by the end. Of course after the massage I needed to test out the huge tub in our bathroom and by the end of that I was so relaxed I could barely move. Thankfully I was also starving otherwise I might have just crashed right then at 6:00 and missed the yumminess! We ate at Cafe Elan because it was fancier than one of the restaurants and actually had food we would eat which the fanciest restaurant definitely did not!

The next day we only had a little bit of time before check out. We ate at the breakfast buffet which was yummy and I went and had a french (of course) manicure while Zach walked around the nature trail and took pictures. We were using his mom's camera because we loaned ours to Michael and Krista for their honeymoon. Even without his treasured possession he did a pretty good job!

It was a very nice little getaway and it was definitely needed. Especially since we will be working all day and night this week organizing the boys' room (just in case we will still be in this house) and preparing for Micah's big boy bed adventure this weekend. Wouldn't mind if you'd pray about that one :)


  1. great pics! I especially like the last one.

  2. Great job Zach!!! I am glad you were able to go before baby May arrives.

  3. I will be thinking about you this weekend during the swap to the "big boy" bed. We started reading a book (or skimming a book) and singing a song every time we laid Raylee down and she got into a routine and lays down...and stays down now with no problem. Just an idea!

  4. Way to go Zach!
    I will certainly be praying about the big boy bed adventure.