Tuesday, April 21, 2009

scary book

Last night, or I guess I should say this morning at 3:30 AM, I woke up to the sound of Micah crying in his room. I walked in and he was boohooing on his bed and when I asked him what was wrong he pointed to his book shelf and said that book. Silly me assumed he meant he wanted to read a story so I told him no story to which he continued to cry, wanted me to hold him and wanted to sleep in mama's bed.

Sadly, when it comes to me getting sleep, any responsible parenting goes out the window. If it will make him sleep and get me more sleep I'm all about it so into our room we went. However, it was not that easy this time. He tossed and turned and talked and poked until finally I said let's go back to Micah's bed. So I went and laid down with him. Well he tossed and turned and talked and poked until I finally told him mama was going to her bed and he needed to stay in there. As soon as I shut the door he started crying again so I got in bed and told Zach it was his turn. By this time it was about 4:45.

Zach went in and rocked with him and put him back in his bed and left and Micah was quiet...Yay! It's now 5:17. I had just fallen back asleep when I heard him crying again so I waited and after I knew he wasn't going to get quiet I brought him back to our bed, put him in a different spot and PRAISE THE LORD he fell right asleep...5:30.

Briefly today Zach and I talked about the fact that it will be so nice when he can tell us why he's awake. Well if his mother would have just listened the first time everything would have been fine!

ANSWER TO OUR TROUBLES: This afternoon Micah woke up crying from his nap. When I walked in to ask him what was wrong he again pointed to his book shelf and said that book. Well this time I looked and saw the cover of a book facing his bed and thought yeah that'd probably scare me too. I asked him if the book was scary and he said, "Yes, scared Micah, there's a bee on it." So I hid the book and now everything is a OK!!

So now you tell me...do you think it's a scary book?


  1. I would hate to wake up with her looking at me too. Poor little guy. Hopefully you were able to get some sleep during his nap today.

  2. i read the whole story first before i looked at the book...and then laughed when i finally saw it. i would definitely be scared of that old lady and bee! that is too funny that he was that upset. you would never think of babies having nightmares, but they totally do. thanks for the great story!

  3. Those darn books, she's way scary!! Great story, Sarah!! :)

  4. Oh my gosh....! That is SO Scary!! Bad book, Bad book !