Monday, April 13, 2009

easter weekend

We had quite an exciting Easter weekend. On Saturday we put up Micah's big boy bed and went to an Easter egg hunt with the Cardozas at the church where Isabella attends preschool. Leslie was in charge of taking pictures since we were still camera'less'. I think she got some really cute shots of the two of them hunting! However we got our camera back so Easter morning we were ready to go!

After a really good first nights sleep in his new bed Micah woke up to Easter surprises!

The "bunny" left him a Curious George DVD set (8 great hours of monkey fun!), Curious George markers, a bubble wand, a shape puzzle and the book The Legend of the Three Trees. He was so cute finding all of his goodies and wanting to play with each one immediately. We definitely had plenty to keep us busy before we left for church!

Since both of our families live away and I am 3ish weeks away from baby boy we decided to stay in Conyers and have a quiet Easter afternoon. I cooked lunch at home and then we got some pictures of all of us in the backyard.

After Micah's nap we spent the rest of the day watching the Masters at the Moons' house, eating dinner and watching Micah act like a goof ball!! It was such a fun, relaxing day!


  1. hey sarah!! micah is so cute! he definitely has your hair. i am so glad that you wrote on my blog so now i can keep up with what ya'll are up to. i am glad you are doing well and you look great. tell zach i said hello!

  2. Yeah, he is pretty much the cutest thing to ever happen. Can't wait to see what he thinks of the new little baby.