Friday, January 27, 2012

rocket balloons

Tuesday I ran to Babies R Us looking for a baptism outfit for Logan.  I found a super cute one in about 10 seconds!  Since that didn't take long and babies r us is right next door to it I ran into HomeGoods.  I love that store.  I bought the majority of the curtains and bedding for Micah and Connor's room and Logan's room there for great prices.  I was looking for a fan but they didn't have any.  On the way out I spotted this box of rocket balloons.  I immediately new my fellas (including the big one!) would love them and at $5.00 I couldn't resist especially since I saw the same thing on for 12.99!   It also came with a balloon pump and I'm about the worst balloon blower upper ever so this was exciting stuff.  We sent about 10 of them up in the air that afternoon and they loved it.  They go very high and then turn circles and flips all while making a funny whistling noise.  And if they don't get stuck in a tree on the way down you can use them again ;)


blast off!

Do you see it!?

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