Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 months

Logan is 5 months old today!  I have not been able to get Franc's (the wedding planner) voice out of my head today.  "Uh oh dat's five months!"

Sweet, snuggly, smiley Logi Bear...

*has had cereal twice.  The first time he put up with it.  The second time he was starting to become a fan.
*rolled over from front to back a few times.
*can sit up with assistance and can balance by himself for about 30 seconds.
*is going through a bad sleeping phase the past week or so. He's napping for 20-30 minutes at a time and has started waking up numerous times a night.  Since even as a new born he was only up once maybe twice this is NOT my favorite.  I'm really really hoping it's a short phase!
*chews on stuff constantly which makes me think he'll get teeth before his brothers or is in for a long teething period.
*smiles at anyone who comes up to talk to him.  He also smiles at anyone who talks to the person holding him assuming they are only they for the baby anyway!
*can't sit in his bouncy seat anymore because he tries to roll out of it but is starting to love the johnny jumper and excersaucer.  He played in his excersaucer for almost 45 minutes while we were eating the other day!

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