Monday, April 30, 2012

date knight

Saturday night Micah, Connor and I went to Chick fil a for dinner on a Date Knight.  It was a reservation only meal for mothers and sons.  We had a great time and Micah was very excited that there weren't going to be a lot of girls there.

They blocked off a part of the 'restaurant' and had tablecloths, centerpieces and menus.  They brought us our meal on real plates and everything!  They gave each boy a stuffed cow, balloon, shield to color and a coupon for a free Kid's meal.  Micah and Connor covered their shields with star wars pictures and Micah was very impressed with my drawing of Darth Vadar except for his light saber which apparently looked more like a bat to him.

They also gave the moms a special sheet with questions to ask your boys.  I thought it would be fun to share the questions and their answers with you.

Q.  Would you rather have super strength or the ability to fly?
M.  Fly and then I'd go to Florida.
C.  Fly and I wanna to to Alabama.

Q.  Would you rather be a spider for a week or an elephant for a year?
M.  An Elephant because they don't bite.
C.  A spider.
M.  You want to bite people Connor?
C.  No I want to be spy people!

Q.  Would you rather give up candy or ice cream forever?
M.  Candy cause I love ice cream.
C.  I like candy.  but I like ice cream too.

Q.  Would you rather live on the moon or underwater in the ocean?
M.  Underwater because then I can practice my swimming and wear my goggles.
C.  Under the water cause that's what George did.  (Curious George went scuba diving in an episode just fyi)

Q.  Would you rather wear a clown nose or clown shoes to school?
M.  ummm...I don't like any of those.
C.  Whats clowns?

After we ate and had dessert we hid from the dressed up cows who terrified Connor and then played on the play ground with a few friends who had reserve times around the same time as us.


  1. Aw that's so sweet! Our chick-fil-a did that too but I didn't go. I can't wait till Eli is old enough for that! Your boys are too precious!