Thursday, January 3, 2013

new year, new goals

I think goals for a new year are a great idea.  It requires you to sit down and examine what you've done and where you're going, things you love and things you can let go, and above all where your relationship with God fits into all those categories.

That said, looking back at my goals for 2012 kind of cracks me up.  The girl who wrote those goals had a five week old who was still taking amazing naps during the day, a two year old who was still napping during the day and a four year old who didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to school on time.  I won't go on and on with the whats and whys and hows, I'll just say that being a mother and wife is the best job I've ever had but parenting three was way more time filling than I could have ever imagined.  But just for the sake of honesty I'll share my goals of last year and highlight the ones I accomplished, which looking back was way more than I had thought I did!

Sarah’s Goals for 2012
                *  complete  bible reading plan 
               *  daily prayer time and journaling
                *  set a good schedule for boys so that I am able to begin waking up before them again
                *  read at least 6 spiritual growth books
                *  join a women’s accountability group of some kind
                *  make goals for Children’s Church and accomplish them
                *  earlier bedtime
                *  eat healthier (more water, less Dr. P and other sugars)
                *  regular exercise - complete 30 day shred at least twice, run 2-3 5ks
                *  skin care regiment 
                *  be diligent with taking vitamins
               * engage in physical activity/play with M, C and L
                * reevaluate family budget and stick to it
                *  patient with spending $$ on wants
                *  pay off  student loans
                * organize paper work with a filing system
               * savings account/retirement account
Professional/Home life
                * keep up cleaning schedule and weekly goals list
                * refurbish piano, coffee table and end table
               * complete one pinterest craft a month
                *  try 3 new recipes per month
                *  summer reading practice with Micah
                *  work on Connor’s letters and numbers
                *  limit time on facebook , blogs and email
                *  read at least 6 fun books
                *  more special dates with Zach
                *  monthly hangout with friends our or at home

                *  concentrate on word of the year limit/slow..This was the biggest fail of all!
                *  reach out to the needs of others small or large
                * still trying to learn to make meaningful, friendly small talk
                *  specific prayers for others and myself

               * plan a fun weekend getaway with 1) a group or girl friends 2)mother and sister in laws on each 

I shared with my pastor today that I feel like my personal relationship with Christ was on a back burner all year due to just the overwhelming amount of energy it took to be a mama of three instead of two.  Meaning, prayer time, bible reading time, etc. were very sporadic and often hurried if they did happen.   However, somehow He has changed me in a relational way this past year that I never saw coming and I don't even know when it happened.  For that I am extremely humbled and grateful.  He replied by telling me that yes we have a a role to play in keeping in step with the spirit and seeking him but good news is that even when we don't, He will be faithful to carry to completion what he has started in me. 

This year I'm sure Zach and I will chat about the things we want to do this year and the things we need to do, and I'm sure I will list many times the different projects I want to try but my biggest goal this year that I'm writing down is this...

In 2013 I want to explore and enjoy the life God has given me, all aspects of it both good and difficult, with a grateful heart and with praise and adoration to who gave it to me.  

So in life with my God, my husband, my children, my family and friends, my home, my body and my finances I just want to slow down and take the time to explore them all and enjoy who and what they are in my life.  As wonderful as it sounds I know it's going to be difficult, but I know regardless come this time next year I'll be able to see ways God has worked in my life regardless of the goals I have accomplished.

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