Friday, September 18, 2015


New experiences are one of the best things you can give yourself and your kids.  Stepping out of your comfort zone, in appropriate ways of course, grows your mind, grows your abilities, grows your spirit of adventure, grows your appreciation of others and their talents, basically it grows all the things!

Two weeks ago we gained a new adventurous experience by BMX riding.  There's a track 30 minutes from our house that is open to the public during certain days and times.  Connor's best bud just started actual BMX riding.  The kind of riding that requires weekly training courses and races on Saturday.  He's awesome!  Seriously!  He's smaller than Connor which is saying a lot, with the most daring spirit I think I've ever seen in a kid.  I mentioned to his mom that Zach wanted to bring Connor to watch one of his races and that turned into us going to try it out ourselves.

None of us had any idea what to expect and we learned a great deal in this first go round.  I learned that the tracks are not soft dirt like they appear on tv and that my babies are brave and much much more capable than I would have thought.  (insert mama tears here)  The boys learned that when you fall it hurts, but when you make it up a hill you just fell on it's totally worth the giant strawberry on your elbow.  It was an uncomfortably hot, disgustingly filthy, and exhaustingly exhiliratingly fun time.  Micah and Connor loved every second and are already planning the next trip out.

The best part for me, besides watching my babies rock, was spending an evening with friends that we are still in the new stages with and seeing potential for something that will last.  God placed Kaden in Connor's life when he needed him most and when I needed to see it most and with it came parents who love their children, love my child and are a blast to be around.  My heart was warmed, and not because of the 90 degree temps and 100% humidity, and I was reminded again of His faithfulness and the story He is writing in our lives.  

Glimpses of Hope are everywhere.

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