Tuesday, September 15, 2015

old church picnic

Logan and I had a simple Thursday adventure a couple weeks ago.  It had been a busy, run around everywhere, week and when Thursday came around he picked staying at home, playing Star Wars and having a picnic instead of my original plan.  I love that he knew he needed an at home day and wasn't afraid to say it.  If nothing else, Logan will probably always stand very firm in his opinions, always being confident in what he thinks, I just pray that it's Truth that he's confident in!

I pulled Logan down the street, along with our picnicking supplies, in the trusty wagon.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We ate on the grass in front of the church and laughed and talked and then I watched my way too big baby walk on the stone wall and contemplated way too much about life and the quick way it passes.

After lunch, he hopped back in the wagon and we checked out the bike path through the woods.  For a boy with such boldness, he's a scaredy cat, and it's the cutest.  The entire walk he was asking me if we'd see any bears and that I needed to pull the wagon faster just in case.  The bike path crossed over in a place I wasn't expecting.  Quiet safe, but honestly I had no idea where we were.  Instead of trying to figure out I just went back the way we came which made Logan insist a little louder and much more often that I needed to PULL fast because apparently now alligators were after us.  Thankfully we made it home un eaten by any wild creatures, but with a good story to share with his brothers.

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