Monday, September 28, 2015

phone pic friday

on a Monday because you know, life and all...

I've been cleaning out all my leftover items from my previous teaching days.  Since I'm fairly sure that is not where God is calling me for my future possession the piles of books, manipulatives and photocopies aren't really needed so I've been passing them on to teacher friends.  These are a few notes I found from my student teaching class.  These sweeties are Sophomores in college this year.  WOW, time flies!

Connor's class read The Wizard of Oz and were watching the movie after they finished.  I volunteered to make a snack to go along with the theme and was assigned the yellow brick road.  Pinterest for the win and the yellow brick road cookies.  Unfortunately Connor ended up running a fever and had to stay home sick so we had a movie afternoon together.  Not quite the same but definitely better than nothing! 

Ransom Kids has started back on a weekly basis.  Every Wednesday afternoon the boys go and have a blast "working out"  So fun and so good for getting energies out of crazy boys while building up strength.  Wins all over the place! 

My two Zacharys building puzzles.  Mainly because Zach is an awesome daddy.
Secondly because I wanted to cook dinner in peace! 

Everytime we host a gathering we check a couple more things off of our long house to do list.  This time it was cleaning around the pool for the end of the season and hanging up Zach's photography from different travels. 

New tanks are fun.  I found the cutest ones in an etsy store called WeekendUp.  I pretty much want them all. 

Logan for whatever reason didn't finish his dinner Friday night and when told he had to eat two (TINY) bites of chicken to be able to have popcorn during the movie he responded with no thanks he didn't want any popcorn.  After a couple of reminders during our movie that he indeed could not have any, he waited until the popcorn was gone and then starting rubbing his finger around the bowl.  After a couple minutes he looked at me and said, "Don't worry mommy, I'm not eating popcorn, I'm just licking the salt." 

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  1. Oh my goodness, that poor sweet baby really does look terribly sick. Your cookies are cute though!