Sunday, February 14, 2016

an afternoon in the sun

Two weeks ago a little girl at Micah and Connor's school passed away after a freak accident.  Like any other with littles at home my heart when directly to the mother, to a mama who didn't know she wouldn't talk to her baby again, to a mama who now has a date in her calendar that will never be the same.

When tragic things happen, when any things happen, it makes a splash and the ripples keep going and going touching parts of your life and parts of others lives that could have never been forseen.  Every action, every situation, effects others, other situations in your life and other people.

That afternoon it was an unseasonably warm and sunny day.  Chores and homework were forgotten as we spent hours outside together, partly because I have three boys and running out energy is an absolutely necessary thing, but mostly because my heart needed the healing of loving interaction as I stood praying while playing for the ripples that would continue to come in the life of another.

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