Monday, February 29, 2016


It's been two weeks since my biggest baby turned 9.  A year from now his age will contain two digits and I will feel significantly older than I do today.  Micah got pretty lucky this year.  His birthday was during Winter Break so he was able to to have the day off to celebrate.  

The day started with a message on our chalkboard, a new home brings new birthday traditions.  The birthday boy chose Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast and ate them under the balloons Logan and I picked out for him.  Before Zach had to leave for work he opened his gifts which consisted of three video games; Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and Madden.  Sigh, such grown up stuff for my guy.

We spent the day playing video games and working on a school project and getting to see the smile that comes on a face when they know they are loved and are made to feel special.  

There's so much I love about my oldest son.  He makes friends easily and makes others feel at ease around him.  His range of interests is eclectic.  I love that he would choose to draw and read just as often as he would choose to head outside to skateboard, play basketball, baseball or football.  He still loves to watch Curious George but will also glue himself to Sports Center.  His dedication to the things he loves is great and he works hard at what he loves.  He cheers on teammates from the sidelines and cuddles our kittens on a daily basis.  He's learning to respond in excitement to every odd thing Logan shows him and enjoys having Connor be his playmate the majority of the time.  

Though I never officially knew before Micah made his way into this world that he was a boy, in my heart I knew I'd start my motherhood with a son and the first one I was given just made me more excited about the two that eventually followed.

Annual birthday interview

favorite color- blue
favorite snack- hot cheetos
favorite food- seafood
favorite drink- water
favorite tv show- Andy Griffith Show
favorite movie- couldn't decide
favorite sport- baseball and basketball
favorite teams- Panthers, Braves, Auburn and Hawks
favorite athletes- Cam Newton, Stephen Curry, and Freedie Freeman
favorite friends- Gavin, Charlie and CJ

Something you want to do when you're 9- slam dunk on a 7 foot goal
What do you want to be when you grow up- baseball or basketball player

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