Monday, February 22, 2016

college football hall of fame

A couple days before Micah's official birthday we took him, a couple of of his friends, plus his two brothers to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta for his birthday "party."  I've been wanting to take them since it opened and for our sports loving boy this was the perfect way to celebrate turning nine.

Thankfully Zach was able to take a day off during our winter break so that we were able to go on a weekday instead of the weekend.  There was a large middle school group on a fieldtrip but we strategically planned our path through to avoid them completely.

We had a blast all morning!  It is such a fun place to visit with lots of information and activities.  Between the seven us we registered to follow Auburn (of course), UGA and Oregon.  All the screens pick up your sensors and automatically start changing to the teams you are interested in when they are showing information and pictures then you can manually look through to find different teams and people.  

We honestly loved everything about the Hall of Fame and HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who loves college football and even for those who don't.

The boys top three things were

3.  Listening to and getting to make famous calls from different games.  Micah and Connor chose the Chris Davis touchdown run from the Auburn/Alabama game in 2013.  CJ did the Lindsay Scott run from a UGA game.  Zach did the Cal/Stanford play when the band was on the field.

2.  Getting to be announcers on Game Day.  This was definitely the funnies part of the day for me watching all the boys get up there in different pairs.  I even went on with Logan which was quite interesting.

1.  The favorite by far was the practice field where they were able to kick field goals, make a diving catch and acting as quarterback throwing balls through a net.  We saved it for last and by the time we got down there everyone was gone and they had free reign for over half an hour.  They kept going and going and going.

We ended our time in Atlanta with lunch at The Varsity and then headed back home for presents and a little touch football before the friends had to go home.

Great day.  Great friends.  Great memories.

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