Saturday, January 7, 2017

christmas morning

The night before

Christmas morning started in it's usual way except for one small bump, Connor was sick.  Bless the baby's heart, he got sick Christmas Eve afternoon and spent the night on the floor beside our bed.  He and Logan woke up around 7:00 and we finally woke Micah up at 7:30 who proclaimed it too early to open presents.  Of course that could be because at 10:30 the night before he was still too excited to fall asleep.  I mean my sister who sleeps more than any human I knew in life was up and at em at 5am every Christmas morning!

Once they were all cuddled up in our room we read the final chapter of our advent story, Bartholomew's Passage.  This is the second year we have read an advent story by this author and we have loved them both!  After the book Zach read the Christmas passage from Luke 2 and then we went to the living room to begin the stockings and presents.

Poor Connor just laid on the couch opening and looking but I was proud of his upbeat attitude.  He was very upset the day before about having to be sick on Christmas but he was a trooper!  Micah was our present hander outer this year and he did a fantastic job.  They were each surprised and excited about their gifts.  Their big gifts were roller blades for M and C, which they were super pumped about, and a big playmobil castle with knights for Logan which he LOVED.  Among the other things favored this year were tech decks, a top hat, a bow and arrow for Logan, new baseball bag for Micah, a good door basketball hoop, and a telescope for the family to share.

We never get to spend to much time home on Christmas Day because almost as soon as the opening is completed we have to pack up and make the trip to whichever family's turn it is, but it is a small price to pay for the ability to keep and make Christmas traditions with just our little family.

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