Thursday, May 14, 2009

big slide

Monday night Zach had the Younglife End of the Year party and took Micah with him to play so that mama and I could have some downtime with just Connor. Zach texted me shortly after they got there with a picture of Micah going down a HUGE inflatable slide. This was a BIG deal. My boy is a tad on the scaredy cat side but Zach said he was all about it! They went down about 10 times before the high school kids took it over. If you notice in the pictures Micah has a HUGE smile at the top, a HUGE smile at the bottom and an INTERESTING look in the middle :)


  1. What a cutie pie! I haven't been to one of those places for quite some time. Now that my son is old enough to play I think we will make a point to go back. My daughter always had a blast! :)

  2. Leslie told me how cute he was! So proud!