Tuesday, May 5, 2009

micah's room

Here are some pictures of Micah's redecorated room. It's not a super big room so it was hard to get good pictures but hopefully it gives you an idea of how it looks for the 'big' boy!

view from the doorway

other wall...changing table/dresser
$3.00 hamper from consignment sale

artwork above dresser
$1.79 wrapping paper and $3.00 frames from Hobby Lobby

newly painted dresser and hutch

free headboard
Ikea bedding and Olive company sheets

step stool from mimi and papa
Ikea rug

There is a lot I still want to do but probably won't until we know our moving/staying situation.

*paint walls a calming blue color
*recover glider cushions
*hem and line curtains
*more artwork for the walls
*new bookshelf in a dark wood tone
*bedside table (it's sitting in my parents' shed waiting for a place to go)


  1. This is so cute! Where did you get the wrapping paper? I so want to copy this. I was going to do sailboats, but it would all work together just fine for me.

  2. Great job, baby! There are probably other "useful" objects in the shed as well!

  3. Super cute!!! I will bring you the moses basket for the new little man to sleep in. Love, Leslie

  4. Sarah,
    I am so impressed!! That is the cutest room. What a neat idea about the wrapping paper. I never think of stuff like that. My creativity must have been left in my mother's womb when I was born! HA!

  5. The room is awesome!

    love, melissa h