Friday, May 29, 2009

bye cmc

Thursday was our last day of preschool at CMC. It was a sad day for me, mainly because Micah had such a good time with his friends and teachers this year, but probably won't remember them later in life :( I was hesitant at first starting him in preschool so young because he has plenty of school time ahead of him, but when I was able to work there too it seemed like a good idea.

Micah grew so much this year both in size and knowledge. He knows his colors, shapes and some numbers :) He remembers things about his day and can carry on a conversation about what he has done. It's amazing how quickly they grow up. I can't believe in two short years Connor will be right where he is now!! Ugh...nevermind I don't want to even think about that yet!

For the end of the year party the kids had pizza and ice cream and his teachers gave us a memory book they had made for each child with handprints and pictures through the year. It was a sweet gift and will be saved in Micah's file box of memories.

Micah and one of his 'girls' Lillie

Refusing to smile with Mrs. Karla (even though he LOVED her)

Micah's memory book

Sunglasses from Mrs. Karla and Mrs. Tara

Sportin' the new shades

Thank you Karla, Becky and Tara for giving Micah a wonderful first preschool experience!

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