Sunday, June 7, 2009

5 years

Zach and my 5 year anniversary was this past Friday. Wow! 5 years...crazy! I wish I could say we had the most romantic day together, but sadly that was just not a possibility this year. Getting away is virtually impossible when you have a 4 week old!! However, Zach did 'work from home' so we at least got to see each other. On top of the whole having a newborn thing, his grandmother and her husband were coming in town to meet Connor, I had errands I HAD to do and Zach had to play in a wedding yesterday so he had the rehearsal Friday night. Whew!

We had a nice breakfast together, croissants with Nutella. YUMMY!!! It's as close to a pain au chocolat as I will get until we go back to France. We also exchanged presents first thing in the morning. I knew what I was getting because I'd been asking for it for a long time. I have a pearl ring of my grandmother's but it was dirty, too big and missing a diamond. Zach had it polished, sized and the two diamonds exchanged for slightly bigger ones. The ladies at the jewelry store tried to talk him into putting a carat on each side but it didn't work...dang it ;) Even though it wasn't a surprise I was excited to finally have it done! Zach on the other hand was very surprised with his gift. I, with the help of a few people from Enterprise, Birmingham and Nashville, gave Zach a copy of the sheet music for Canaan Bound that had been autographed by Andrew Peterson. I was kind of disappointed that Andrew only signed his name and didn't personalize it, especially considering the LOOONNNNGGGGGG note I mailed with it about it being our anniversary and that he met Zach twice in Conyers and so on but I am just going to assume his manager didn't tell him about the note :) It was still really cool however and will look awesome in the music room of our new house (if we ever get one) when it's framed all purty!

That night Micah once again went to hang out with the Moons. (I can't wait until baby Moon is born so we can start the long process of paying them back for babysitting!!) Zach, Connor and I headed to Madison, GA for the wedding rehearsal and then went to our own private dinner at The Chop House instead of going to the rehearsal dinner. There were definitely fancier restaurants in Madison but we weren't sure how thrilled the other diners would be if we were to walk in with an infant!

While it wasn't the most romantic anniversary ever it still was a milestone. 5 years and counting and I can't wait to see what the years to come hold!

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